2nd European Workshop: “Urban Heat Island and Heat Resilience: Networking for Future Strategy”


LIFE ASTI is pleased to invite you to the “2nd European Workshop” online event on October 14, 2020. Placing safety first and following the lastest COVID-19 guidelines, it was decided to organize the event with no physical presence. We will be using instead the available technological tools and the participation of all attendees will take place virtually.

LIFE ASTI project targets the Urban Heat Island effect and its concequences, primarily on human mortality by developing, piloting and validating a set of modeling systems for short-term prediction, as well as for future projection, of the UHI effect in two Mediterranean cities, Thessaloniki and Rome. Six partners from Greece (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Municipality of Thessaloniki, GET, Sympraxis Team) and Italy (DEP Lazio, ISAC-CNR) are collaborating for 3 years in order to deliver high-quality scientific information to stakeholders and general public, using appealing and modern tools.

The Second European Workshop aims to bring LIFE ASTI’s network together, exchange knowledge and expertise, and continue to build-up constructive synergies. In addition, the Workshop will be relevant with the replicability, transferability and integration perspectives of technologies, tools and good practices developed within LIFE ASTI and other related projects.

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Here to follow the meeting from remote.



Thessaloniki (Virtual)